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Red Tape!

***Wow, the hoops they make you jump through to get a business going! We are making Halo Handmade a subsidiary of our S-corp, Meditran Transcription Inc., and boy is there a lot of stuff to consider! Spent an hour at the bank today getting the new account set up, it's not just a matter of opening an account. They have to have the articles of incorporation, 100 signed documents (or so it seemed), the federal ID number from Meditran, and several other forms I can't even remember the names of. Now I'm working on getting Halo registered with the State of Indiana in order to charge sales tax. That's not a simple thing either! <g> Oh well....we will muddle through and do it right. We will be working on the ceiling in the store at the end of this week, I am so anxious to get everything done! It is really coming together, the building looks SO much better than it did when we started.  Talked to the lady at SignGrafx this morning and we should have our sign up this week. P

Long Time!

***Gee whiz, it has been a while since I've blogged. A lot has happened since the last time I updated my blog. Hopefully I will keep up a little better now. I lost my biggest transcription client a couple of weeks ago, what a blow. It wasn't anything I did, it was a mandate from a partner hospital when Reid switched to the Epic system. I still have three clients, but it's only enough to keep one of my typists and I busy. On another note, Mark & I are going to open an arts and crafts store in Richmond. We will rent booths to different crafters and sell new, locally handmade goods. The name of the store will be Halo, for Handmade and Local. Clever, huh? We have been keeping very busy working on the building, it is very old and needed a lot of cleaning and sprucing up. It's coming along very nicely, though. We're hoping for a May 1 opening date. ***I was so disappointed in Donald Trump yesterday when he signed that bloated spending bill. I think the Democrats r