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Blogging Comeback?

***Yeah, I many times have you seen me type that? I can't believe it has been going on a month since I last blogged. I've been very busy with the store ( Halo Handmade Inc. )  Plus, I got a couple of new transcription clients, so that reduces my downtime drastically! I do a lot of my work at the store during the slow periods. Things are picking up a bit at Halo, people are figuring out we're there and that we're not a secondhand store. We're having fun with it. ***Still having an ongoing struggle staying out of political arguments on Facebook. I am doing MUCH better, but still, sometimes I cannot resist popping off when I see something I think is really ludicrous. The last remark I couldn't stay away from was a woman claiming that conservatives aren't Christian. I'd never make the blanket statement that liberals can't be Christian, though there are a lot of things the Democrats do and things such as abortion that are a part of their plat