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***Yikes, I've really been a blogging slacker. I keep saying...someday, I'm going to have time to blog every day! Ain't happened yet, obviously. My business has been incredibly busy - not uncommon for early December. People have their deductibles paid and try to get their procedures done before the end of the year. This next week things should start to slow down a bit...and boy am I ready! ***Found a really interesting site that has some great gadgets, check it out : I like this one: ***My annivesary gift (along with Starbucks cards and dinner at Olive Garden!): He done good! 33 years and counting. ***Mark and I are seriously looking into the possibility of opening a Chick-fil-A in Richmond (or nearby, depends on the franchise owners). We made it past the first application and are now working on the comprehensive one. Not a done deal, but we are really hoping to be able t

Christmas Stuff!

***Today's the day we go and cut our Christmas tree with Johnathan, and then tomorrow we are going shopping with both kids...what a perfect weekend! We got our outdoor lights up this morning, now to have Johnathan help us drag all the Christmas tubs down from the attic. I'm starting to get in the spirit, all I need now is a little snow. :-) ***The Washington Post , as usual, is misrepresenting the GOP tax bill , claiming it, wait for it, benefits the wealthy more than the poor and middle class. Gosh, never heard that before, have we? In fact: What the Post reporters don’t tell readers is that other measures of the Senate tax cut bill’s effects contradict their chosen – Democratic – narrative. To cite just one example, the Cato Institute’s Chris Edwards looked at the aggregate percentage cuts by income range. Taxpayers earning $40,000 to $50,000 annually would see a 51 percent reduction. Similarly, those earning $75,000 to $100,000 would see a 17 percent aggregate re