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The Problem with Education

*** C.S. Lewis was right: The Abolition of Man, perhaps C. S. Lewis’s most famous book, was published 75 years ago. In that book, Lewis argued that modern educational theories on the subjectivity of knowledge and moral relativism would give us people lacking in character. Those theories continue to flourish throughout American education and are particularly virulent in higher ed. In honor of the anniversary of The Abolition of Man, Bloomsbury Press has published a book of essays on it. In a new Martin Center article, Raleigh-based writer Amanda Shreve reviews it. She writes,     Lewis’ cautions are even more needed today, as his warnings 75 years ago went largely unheeded. Now we find ourselves in the situation Lewis foresaw — men afraid of making moral judgments; people who will say ‘this is wrong/right for me, but who am I to say it is so for someone else?’ When objective truth is rejected, all foundation for virtue disappears. The liberalism of our education s


***Apparently White House press secretary Susan Huckabee did something horrible that the Left is just losing its mind over... she asked reporters to name something they're thankful for . As you'll see in the link, it didn't take the haters on the Left long to show their, er, tolerance and love. ***Have you noticed that the vast amount of sexual allegations lately have been against liberal Democrats? I'll bet they're sorry they opened this can of worms against Roy Moore, whose "victims," by the way, are starting to recant their stories. Nobody doubts Democrats put them up to this in order to secure that Senate seat. Let’s take a look at this, Charlie Rose, eight women. Have you read that? That Washington Post story is about 5,300 words . It’s got graphic detail. It’s recent. The guy is 75 years old. The only thing they didn’t explain is where he stashes the Viagra, 75 years old, which I guess is not that big a deal. So 5,300 words, the detail in

Well That's Interesting...

*** Little known historical facts ... ***Apparently Harrison Ford is now a real life hero: Harrison Ford is living up to the heroism of some of his fan-favorite characters like Indiana Jones, Han Solo and more. On Sunday, the star reportedly helped a woman who crashed her car on a California highway. According to TMZ , which first reported the story, Ford was driving in Santa Paula, on Route 126, when a woman lost control of her vehicle and ran off the road into a small embankment. Ford was reportedly traveling behind her and immediately pulled over to lend assistance. He and a handful of bystanders rushed to the woman’s assistance, TMZ reported, and they managed to get her safely out of her car and keep the situation calm until paramedics arrived in the scene. The woman was reportedly taken to the emergency room with only minor injuries. *** Kids have it right: When Mrs. Klein told her first graders to draw a picture of something for which they were t

Messed Up Priorities

***Rant Alert! I've kept my mouth shut on Facebook, but it hasn't been easy. I keep hiding the posts that come up about it, hoping to avoid seeing them because they irritate me so much, but one still pops up every hour or two. What am I talking about? The furor, the near psychotic hysteria over 7 dogs being euthanized at an animal shelter in Richmond. With all the crap going on in the world right now, with Democrats actively trying to unseat a fairly elected President on the grounds that they don't like him and what that would do to our Republic, with the pot-bellied dictator in North Korea rattling his sabers, THIS warrants day after day of hand wringing and righteous indignation? Really? They're dogs, people. Dogs. Shelters euthanize dogs that aren't wanted. It has happened for years. The Richmond shelter is supposed to be no-kill, but there are exceptions, such as a "bite risk." I thought the shelter gave a very reasonable explanation , but apparently

Few & Far Between

***Darn, I have so many things I'd like to write about, and too little time to do it. ***Did you read about the "scream at the sky" protests by the Left on the anniversary of Trump's election? It would be hilarious if it weren't so pathetic. It's hard to find the words to describe the asininity of this. From helpless cries to primal screams, liberals protested the one-year anniversary of President Trump’s election by huddling together in public spaces and howling from sea to shining sea. A year after Trump's historic underdog win over Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, hundreds of anti-Trump protesters gathered in locales such as New York City's Washington Square Park for an event urging attendees to "scream helplessly at the sky." Many attendees, at the end of a countdown, let out varied shouts, shrieks, screeches and yowls while standing in place, putting their heads back and crying out towards the sky. The


***Saw this on the Casting Crowns Facebook page: Words of encouragement are life giving!! Feeling celebrated for your accomplishments equals feeling well-loved. I know our successes and accomplishments don’t define us, but when you have people around you that are cheering you on, it makes it easier to press on and do all the hard things. There’s nothing prideful about celebrating a great accomplishment in your life. I believe God allows us moments of successes to remind us that we are actually doing something (and doing it well) and not just spinning our earthly wheels- after all, your hard work and accomplishments can change your life for the better, change the world, and point people to the transforming power of Jesus- and THAT. IS. WORTH. CELEBRATING! Successes come in big AND small things- and ALL of them are worthy of celebrating! It is beyond energizing to have a little confetti thrown your way and a “attaboy” or “you go girl” said to you— and it doesn’t void you