Jumping on the Low Carb Bandwagon

***Actually, we've been here before, both Mark & I. The bandwagon is quite familiar with us. Low carb eating works great, as long as you stick with it. You can't think of it as a temporary fix, though. If you go off of it, the weight comes right back. Take it from one who knows. :-) Today I'm going to try "Cloud Bread." Apparently that's a "thing," but I only heard about it yesterday. I hope it's as good as it looks.

***Well, the "Schumer Shutdown" happened yesterday. At least the Republicans so far aren't letting them hang it around their necks. The Dems own this one because they will not deal regarding illegal immigrants...they need their votes. And don't tell me illegal immigrants don't vote, of course they do. They aren't supposed to, but they do, and if they're given amnesty they'll be able to do it legally. We all know how they'll vote, too, that's why the Democrats are desperate to make them citizens, and the devil with our military and anyone else who doesn't happen to get paid while they make their stand. Don't blink, Mr. President and GOP.

House Speaker Paul Ryan called the Democrats' decision to block a four-week stopgap extension “reckless.”
“Senate Democrats have let down our troops, our children, and all Americans. All of this is just unnecessary. It is reckless. Senate Democrats have brought us to a shutdown,” Ryan said in a statement posted to Twitter.

Hopefully this will come back to bite them later this year. We need 60 senators in order to stop crap like this, and we only have 51.

***Great that President Trump addressed the March for Life rally yesterday. Didn't see a whole lot about it on the news, did you? Compare that with the coverage the Women's March will get. That's all you need to know about media bias. Apparently, though, they've decided those disgusting pink hats are politically incorrect.

***The 15 best conservative news sites.  Great list.

15) Twitchy: Michelle Malkin’s new Twitter based news site.
14) Doug Ross: Larwyn’s Linx is great.
13) Weasel Zippers: Not as much volume as other places, but quality work.
12) Free Republic: Better known for commenting than news, but still good.
11) Bad Blue: Outstanding Twitter based news
10) The Right Scoop: Videos, links, and heavily updated.
9) Daily Caller: The place to go for original conservative reporting.
8) Lucianne: Old reliable. When I have trouble finding something good, I go here.
7) Gateway Pundit: It’s unbelievable to me that any one person can be this on top of things.
6) Breitbart: The combined Breitbart collective is AMAZING for links and journalism.
5) Instapundit: Glenn Reynolds has been the best known linker in the blogosphere for more than a decade.
4) The Blaze: Beck’s news machine is already a must read.
3) Memorandum: What people are talking about right now on both sides of the blogosphere. (Not conservative per se, but still good)
2) Hot Air: Frequently updated headlines, plus the latest news stories.
1) The Drudge Report: Whatever Drudge links becomes what everyone is talking about.

I pretty much agree with this rundown.

***Image result for funny memes

I love Maggie Smith. :-)


“I would say to the House, as I said to those who have joined this Government, I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat. We have before us an ordeal of the most grievous kind. We have before us many long months of toil and struggle.
“You ask what is our policy. I will say, it is to wage war with all our might, with all the strength that God can give us, to wage war against a monstrous tyranny never surpassed in the dark, lamentable catalogue of human crime.
“You ask what is our aim? I can answer in one word: Victory. Victory at all costs. Victory in spite of all terror. Victory however long and hard the road may be. For without victory there is no survival.”
       —First speech as Prime Minister, House of Commons, 13 May 1940. Churchill first used the phrase “blood and sweat” in 1900; “Blood, sweat and tears” came together in his 1939 article, “Can Franco Restore Unity and Strength to Spain.”

What a great man he was. 


I told my girlfriend she drew her eyebrows too high.
She seemed surprised.

ar ar ar....


“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” -Winston Churchill



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